2511 Washington Blvd. | Belpre, OH 45714


I enjoyed my stay! I Thought the nursing staff was loving and they do a wonderful job making me feel at home. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner was delicious. I loved the way the building looks inside and out.


We were so happy to have Rockland Ridge close in our area, and after a surgery this Rockland Ridge center was our first choice for therapy.

We cannot say enough good things about the personnel here. They were so friendly and helpful. The food was really good and the center is so clean!

We would recommend Rockland Ridge to everyone who needs a place for treatment!!

We feel like when we go home we have made new friends!

Ralph and Joyce G.

I visit my husband every day until evening. When I walk in a smile meets me. As I pass the offices, I hear a “hello!” or “Good Morning!” I then go to the coffee shop, FREE COFFEE! So fresh and wonderful. I go down the hall and see the nurses working- smiling and caring for their patients. As I walk to Bill’s room I speak to them with “God Bless” or “You’re pretty” or “handsome”- whatever God gives me to say to the patients and workers.

It doesn’t matter how many times the bell rings. The nurses always answer with “Can I help you” or “What do you need?” Then there’s Cheryl; away she goes sharing something the patients love, and they love her too.

We, my husband and I, feel so at home. Our sons kick back and visit like they are at home. Our great grandson said “Hey, there are rockers! This is Rockin’ Rockland!” and we all agree.

This place is blessed, I mean BLESSED It’s God’s stop over, a resting place that is treated with beauty, love, rest and “CARE”.

Is God good? For anyone wants to realize it, God is here in each brick. The spirit is inside and outside. I love the beauty of this place, but more- much more- to me is how all the staff works together… SO GOOD. These nurses go above and beyond for both the patients and their families. When I leave at night Bill and I pray for even the employees in the offices we have not yet met. I’ll be praying for the new applicants because this place is blessed and no evil will enter.

I may have written too much, but when something is so good, I cannot stop writing...

Thank You,

Bill and Peggy K.

I thank you all very much for the good care you gave me. I appreciate every moment I had here. I will recommend you to everyone that needs help!


While here I got great treatment. Everyone treated me great and was very nice. They made sure I had whatever I needed. I really like this place and will tell many people about it here.

Tammy E.

The first thing I noticed is this place is absolutely beautiful. It doesn't look like a long term care facility. It's elegant and classy. All of the people have been great, from the nurses to the aides to laundry ... all polite and all in a delightful mood. They're always asking what they can help me with or get for me. The food is excellent; it's like eating homemade meals. I haven't had the same thing twice and have tried many things I've never had. From the staff to the building to the food, nothing in this place is drab. If I have to go to a facility, I would come here!


Rockland Ridge staff went above and beyond to assist our family during a very difficult time that our parents went through. Our mother was caring for our father who had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. After mom's fall and subsequent hip surgery, both mom and dad came to Rockland for skilled therapy services. Rehabbing in separate rooms, the staff went above and beyond to make sure they got to spend quality time together during meals. The care was exceptional and they made our family feel comfortable in our decision in facilities. The staff later took exceptional care of our dad as his battle with cancer took him from this earth. They were so respectful and dignified with the process of end of life care. Cassie was amazing to our family.

Wendy S.

Beautifully decorated and landscaped! Great views from every window. Just the right amount of privacy for patients, with opportunities to socialize if you wish. Employees, nurses to cleaners are friendly and helpful. I appreciated the assistance given by the physical therapies and the guidance for continuing exercises on my own. I would recommend Rockland Ridge.


I love it! Everybody is good to me. The meals are nice. They keep me clean. I sleep really good here. I will be back if I need it and I will tell people about this place.

Diemma P.

We are so happy for the care that Bob got while he was here. The staff is super, the facility is beautiful and very clean. I would recommend this place to anyone. We are very pleased with everything always very pleasant to talk to and give information. When they ask if we ever need a place to go, this is where it will be. Thank you all so much. We will pass it on.

Dove W.

The building and furnishings are beautiful! The nursing care I received from Dreama, Lindsay, Jennifer, and Delaney was compassionate and caring. They were great. Gloria and Edna in PT helped me get stronger and Brenda and Heather in OT helped me with daily tasks. Virginia and Cheryl were helpful and friendly. I will recommend this facility to others.


My stay at Rockland was very beneficial. The nurses and assistants were constantly helpful. The physical and occupational therapists were consistently working to get me moving. The food was outstanding! Best bacon in Mid-Ohio Valley! Andrea, the Transporter, was very helpful on our multiple visits to other medical offices. Your building and employees are exceptional! The company that did your landscaping did a fantastic job. Your sunroom and courtyard are lovely. We only have compliments to your business in our Mid-Ohio Valley.

Coy A.

This is a nice place; it's clean and I like the size of the rooms. The staff has been good, therapy is a fine group and the housekeeper is very nice. Everyone was so helpful here! I especially appreciate the blanket. It was very nice to take home.


Workers are very friendly and come in a very good timely manner when needed. When the door is shut to my private room, they are very respectful with knocking before entering. I appreciated how well and hard therapy worked to get me improved and going home. Always had big portioned meals! The bed was comfortable. My favorite was working so hard with everyone to get to go home to my family!

P. Norosky

Employees have your best interest for recovery.

W. Dennison

The staff helped me recover! The food was all-around good but my favorite was the mashed potatoes and noodles. Having my own room was like a getaway, it was nice to be in my own space.

E. Graham

Everyone was very helpful, when the call light was on, they were always right there to assist me. The meals were good and I always had enough to fill up on. My favorite part was always going to activities that were held. The therapy group was encouraging and was very helpful with directions for what to do when I get home.

J. Newhouse

Care was excellent. Very professional people and facilities. The therapy helped me oh so much! Jeff and the kitchen made amazing food. Everybody cared so much about me here. Sandy and Jennifer got to my heart. I am so thankful for all the staff. I really appreciate Cherise for getting me in here so quickly and easily. It's especially clean here. I never had a bad thing to say about it. God bless you all!

S. Morrison

I have no complaints! Everything was wonderful, along with the people. I enjoyed being able to relax and get better. I love how many people work together and don't have any arguing. Everyone gets along! My favorite food was the chicken. I loved the chicken!

D. Hall

It's like a 5-star hotel! Everyone was nice. The service is amazing, and all of my surroundings make it enjoyable! The therapy group answered all my questions and got me to where I can go home!

W. Casto

FOOD FOOD FOOD! AAA+. I was so comfortable, felt like I was in a spa! The people here are the best I have ever had, and I have been in plenty of facilities. The nurses were always on time with my medicine and with everything I needed. Both day and night nurses are AAA++! The facility is so great that I want to do an advertisement for them and pay myself haha! I would do anything for these people! If anything ever happens to me again I will for sure be back to this facility. These people just go beyond! They got me rehabilitated and that was just amazing, and now I am back on my feet!

C. Poole

I was homesick really bad, but everyone made me feel welcome. I was here for therapy and wound healing after shattering my ankle on Christmas Eve. The girls in therapy were wonderful! All the aides were great ... the same with the nurses! Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was doing good. I do have to say that 4 nurses went over and beyond for me ... Dreama, Angie, Lindsey and Rhea. Thanks for everything! I will be forever grateful!

Tamela R.

Very very nice here! Everyone was very helpful and nice! Had a good time with therapy; they always encouraged me to do my best. Always had a good portioned meal. My favorite was breakfast! Everyone was always there when I needed help, never a wait. Loved also having my own private room with a big shower to myself!

W. Morey

Very nice place to be. The staff is very caring and professional. Dad was relaxed and at ease. The food was good and on time. He also enjoyed the activities. It was nice to know that when we were not able to be here, he was being well taken care of.

The family of D. Binegar

Loved having my own room. Their therapy was good, and they were all nice to me. The food was good, and they gave big portions. My favorite was anything pasta! I wasn't here long, but that was due to the helpful staff, and now I get to go home.

P. Wolf

Everything and everyone was wonderful. Don't really know how you could do anymore. Thanks for everything.

Charles S.

Facility did a good job. All of the staff was friendly and helpful. I would recommend Rockland

J. Wilson

All of the staff was wonderful. The nurses are great.

P. Monroe

The staff is professional and make you feel comfortable. The therapy staff is top notch. I would highly recommend Rockland Ridge.

N. Grosso

The staff was so efficient and pleasant. You couldn't ask for any better. They took excellent care of my wife. The facility and everything about it is outstanding. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing quality care.

Ted W.

I came to Rockland after chemo and surgery in hopes of bouncing back. The staff was able to accomplish that very quickly. My needs were met and they exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend to those in a similar situation.

Stephen B.

The staff was lovely. The physical therapists were kind and helpful. The food was amazing. The nurse aides were very nice and took good care of me. I would recommend Rockland.

Dorothy L.

The staff was wonderful. Everyone was extremely kind. I've recommended Rockland to one of my friends who is having knee surgery, and I will recommend it to others. The food was very good, and I'll miss it. The lasagna we had the other day was amazing!

Elizabeth J.

The Nurse aides were wonderful! The physical therapists were very kind! I would recommend Rockland to others.

Lovie C.

The staff is 100% the food is good and I am 100% satisfied. The staff bend over backwards and went above and beyond to help me. The staff are strong and know what they are doing. I've enjoyed my stay and these people.

R. Hildreth

Staff were awesome and attentive. PT OT were awesome and attentive. I would recommend Rockland Ridge to family and friends.

M. Stewart

Out of all the facilities I have been to this one stands out with mostly everything, NO COMPARISON! I enjoyed listening to Carrie in therapy work with my resident neighbor across the hall. Carrie sounded so encouraging and made it fun for him. They would sit and laugh, which helped me laugh! Night nurses Erin and Rita are very nice and care about you. Rita is bubbly, and it helps on down days. Nurses Kelsey and Cassie are so very caring and helpful. Aides, Jess and Amy, really make it fun because they are so bubbly. Aides, Alyssa and Cierra, really stood out!

K. Wark

Well what a trip I've been on. The first part of my trip I hardly knew what was going on. I remember not being able to move and hurting. But with all your care and help, I have come a long way. Without you all, I never would have made it. The care was wonderful and everyone was especially nice to me. Housekeeping kept my room nice and clean; that meant a lot to me. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Doris M.

I do like it here! I like the nurses a lot! My most favorite thing was the bowling, golfing, and bean bag toss! There's one lady I really liked- Gloria. She's an awesome lady and she really helped me out. We're like two peas in a pod! I'd come back here!

J. Lane

The care was extremely good here. The food was good. They have different food to please everybody, which can be hard sometimes.

H. Leasure

Nice place to calm down and relax in. People are respectful. Nice home away from home.

R. Smith

Wasn't sure what to expect when I checked into Rockland Ridge, but my fears were soon erased! Everyone has been very nice to me and tried to include me in all the activities. Food has been good and personnel treated me excellent. Anything I asked for they have tried to provide. Facilities are very clean! I want to express my appreciation to everyone at Rockland Ridge for making my stay go as well as anyone could hope for!!

D. Bookman

I had an excellent experience, excellent staff, excellent therapy! I enjoyed therapy. They were good to me. Beautiful facility! I can't say anything bad about it! Excellent! Excellent!

Charles W.

It's been a very nice stay. The people have been very nice. I think them for helping me and I am feeling better!

Elma B.

Everything is #1! This place is absolutely beautiful! I've enjoyed being here. The people are fantastic! I think it's wonderful! If you have to be away from home, this place is fabulous! I give it an A+!

Mildred M.

I would like to thank all of the people here at Rockland Ridge during my time of need. All of the nurses and aides were very helpful, kind, and friendly. If I needed help or attention, they were always there in a timely manner. They always knocked on the door and respected my privacy before entering.

All of the rehab staff were kind and helpful. The first few weeks I was here, I was allergic to the antibiotics and my whole body was swollen and covered with hives. The exercises they had me doing were very helpful in gaining strength and balance. This was way better than the hospitals. I loved being able to choose alternate dishes.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay here. This is my first time in a rehab center, but I would permanently request to be placed here. Thank you all very much.

D. Hardesty

All of the staff were kind and had my best interests in mind.

Vicki M.

You have some wonderful caregivers. Michelle the aide who helped with showers, dressing, and grooming is absolutely wonderful. I benefited so much from therapy especially Katie who helped get me up and going again. Everyone is so friendly! Thanks


My dad was admitted as a short-term resident for physical and occupational therapy. The direct care team members were awesome, attentive, caring, and loving. The administrators were very responsive to my questions and requests and in securing services and equipment for his post-discharge care. The facilities and food services were outstanding. I will use Rockland Ridge again when my dad requires short or long-term applicable health care services.

A. Green

I enjoyed the care and food. I would recommend the facility. The therapy I received was great. I felt safe and comfortable. They covered all my needs and safety.

Arnold G.

I received excellent care. Everyone was very nice. The food and service was very good. I would rate this place an A1.

C. Cook

I have come so far since the day that I was admitted. When I first came in, I didn't want to be here. I wanted to be home. I'm sure glad I got past that! The care you get here is excellent! Always kept clean, and they took care of my needs. I thank you all for the care that I got here and the help getting me back on my feet. My husband was here when you first opened, and I fell in love with it. Who would have thought seven months later I would be here. Keep up the good work, you have great staff. I will highly recommend this place to anyone.

D. White

I would like to say all my objectives were met. I felt very comfortable returning to my home. This place is very clean and neat, and all the employees know and help you. The activities are enjoyable. I would be very glad to give them an A+. I would like to thank the laundry department for the wonderful service, my clothes were very clean. I would like to thank Laura Koon, my Aide, for the outstanding night care. Kelly, you are a great activities employee and I wish you much happiness. PT and OT, thank you for the great treatment I received. Custodial service, thank you for keeping my room very very clean during my stay. Thank you all for the wonderful care I received here. Very good service!

S. Schollian

The facility is very attractive, very comfortable. I have had a great time doing activities and made several new friends from nursing staff to other patients/residents. Outstanding nurses! Outstanding STNAs! I will tell friends/family about this facility!

Bonnie C.

Everything is very nice! Service is good, food is good and the therapy is excellent! It doesn't get much better than this! We've been in a lot of nursing homes and none have had as good of care or treatment as this. We would highly recommend it to anyone!

Al and Peggy W.

Great care! Help is well trained. Good food. Nice Atmosphere, homelike.

L. Bryant

Your facility is beautiful! I appreciate the fact that there's a living room greeting you inside the front door and not a nurse's station. The staff is very friendly and caring. They are willing to address the areas of concern and work to resolve them. The staff does not look down on you, they are very patient. I was impressed that the staff sits and talks to the patients in the small corner living room areas. The cleaning staff is also caring and respectful and friendly. The facility is clean and doesn't smell like a nursing home either! The food is pretty good too. Keep up the good work!

B & G Thompson

Rockland Ridge has been a very pleasant stay. Everyone has been so kind and good to me. Good food.

S. Boso

This is the first time I have been a patient in a nursing and rehabilitation facility. I am fortunate to have spent time in such a beautiful facility. I am pleased with all the staff's awareness of cleanliness. Staff has been very encouraging and helpful in all ways possible. The therapy staff are the best! They helped me beyond expectations. Housekeeping service has been excellent at keeping the room and bathroom clean. If I have to return to a nursing facility I would pick this one. Same goes for a relative or friend.

J. Gibson

My husband and I both appreciated all the help and kindness I received. I am so much stronger now. The staff was great to work with!

Myra F.

I have received top-quality care while a patient here at Rockland Ridge. It is great to have quality care this close to home. The staff has been so awesome!

Judith S.

I am very thankful I was at Rockland Ridge during the time I had a broken leg. Without the care and encouragement I received, my mental health may have been at risk. The therapy staff helped me get around safely while building and strengthening so I could begin to help myself. I was also taught to transfer from wheelchairs to bed or recliner while I could put weight on only one leg. I made new friends by attending activities planned by the Activities Department.

Diana A.

Upon arriving at Rockland Ridge, I was still recovering (from pneumonia). At times I was very unpleasant, but I was treated with understanding. Most understood how ill I had been and was recovering. I never heard any employee berate or be unkind to any other patient. All the services you offer were a blessing to me. Every employee was kind to help me. Many thanks to Darlene who cleans, to the TV fellow, to Carletta and Mary and all the others on my hall. I sincerely thank them and all the office people! I would recommend Rockland any time!


I know I made the right choice by selecting this facility for my needed recovery from hip replacement. Lighting is good for all areas! The room is a great size for anyone. You are able to move freely in both areas provided. The bathroom overall is very mobile for usage. The staff makes sure you have what is needed for help, to serve us. Food for the most part is good. The aides have been great for me. The therapy area is remarkable - just to be able to move from one station to the other. Good service is provided for each one in need. And they are able to keep it clean! Thank you!


It's been a great place to be! Everyone here has been very nice to me. I haven't had any problems, and I can't think of anything they can do better. I enjoyed going through the therapy process - it was rough at first but got extremely better. I've enjoyed everything in the time I've been here. If I know anyone looking for a place, I'd tell them to come here. If I have to come back to a place, I will definitely come here!


I spent 23 days at Rockland Ridge getting lots of love, care and attention. And left there a totally different person. Thank you, God, for all involved.

Carol H.

Everyone here at Rockland has always provided excellent care. From the Nurses, Techs, Environmental, Business, Therapists, and all staff! Has been very pleasant, professional and informative about the care given to mom. They have always gone above and beyond. If we ever need rehabilitation or nursing home services, we hope we'll be welcome back at Rockland. God bless you all. Thank you for making our experience a very pleasant one!

Debra M.

Rockland Ridge is an asset to our community and its families. My mother, Ruth, came to Rockland Ridge following surgery. The entire staff went out of their way to welcome us and meet my mother's needs, both socially and medically. A particular shout-out goes to the patient care staff- nurses, STNAs and housekeeping! At all times, they cared for her comfort and safety while encouraging her to improve. The Physical Therapy program was professional and appropriate for her age and ability. Admissions, Social Services and Activities staff rock!! We certainly want to go home but we'll be sad to leave this beautiful facility and the friends we've made. Trust Rockland Ridge with the care of your loved one!!

Executive Director of the Belpre Chamber of Commerce, Karen Waller

It was a pleasure being here. Everyone is so nice and willing to help, and getting me through this. The therapy people were so nice and friendly and worked hard in helping me walk and just caring for me. I loved all the nurses and will miss them. May God bless all of you!

Linda L.

The nurses and staff have been extremely nice and helpful. I really appreciate all the kindness shown to me. Thanks to all!

Mary Lou T.

The staff at Rockland Ridge is outstanding, caring and well-trained. Members of the therapy staff are outstanding and willing to go the extra mile with the people they are helping. The facility is also kept very clean.

Jane R.

The facility is very impressive and it provides an environment that is conducive to allowing a person's needs to be met. The overall atmosphere is light but still serious when and where required. The staff was always pleasant, helpful, friendly and responsive to my needs and requests, almost as if I was being cared for by friends and family. I felt very fortunate that my 3-month rehabilitation took place at Rockland. I highly recommend that Rockland Ridge be given serious consideration by any prospective patients and clients.

R. Gray

I arrived at your facility to recuperate from my left knee replacement. My stay has been very pleasant, and all the various personnel have been courteous and helpful in my recovery. The therapy ladies were pleasant and kind and gentle in my various exercises. They noticed swelling and redness and brought that concern to the nurses. I was sent to the ER to verify concerns. I was also transported to Athens for a visit with my surgeon to ensure that all was well with my knee. My surgeon has me scheduled for a right knee replacement in the future. Whenever that is done I will request your facility again.

C. Eaton

I spent 3 weeks at Rockland Ridge to help me transition back home after recovering from a broken bone and surgery. The facility itself is beautiful and well decorated. The large private rooms were well kept and very clean. The nurses, aides, and staff were well trained and strived to meet patient needs. They were friendly and caring. If you do not care for the daily food selections they provide an alternative menu to select from. The physical therapy department works individually with patients to prepare them to meet their goals and prepare them to return home. When it came time to leave Amy was a tremendous help in arranging the equipment I needed at home. Rockland Ridge puts patients and their needs first in a warm caring environment.

M. Brooks

Everyone was super great to me. I want to thank each and every one who was there to help me to get back on my feet. The nurses and care givers went out of their way to help. Therapists encouraged me to take one more step. They were super.

MK Walters

Everyone has been nothing but good to me and the staff and I have had a lot of fun together. They treat me well and I would rate the care a double A1. I'm really going to miss it here. The building is also very well maintained.

P. Beckner

Rooms were kept neat and clean. This is a very nice place. The staff was very courteous and cared about my health. This is a wonderful home for those who need it. The therapy seemed to help a lot, thank you all for everything.

S Miller.

Once I entered the main doorway of Rockland Ridge, I felt this was a good fit. The assistant at the front desk introduced me to the administrator, who gave me a tour of the areas, and what a surprise that was! Many upscale hotels are not this well furnished.

When my husband was transferred to Rockland Ridge, his adjustment was immediate. It was quiet, there was excellent care, the nursing staff was friendly and helpful, the meals were varied and abundant, there were planned activities, and regardless of where you were, it was clean and tastefully decorated.

We both send our heartfelt thanks for the amazing care provided in our time of need. We sing your praises whenever possible.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H.

I can't tell you enough how much I like this facility. I want to tell you, I have been treated like a queen here. I could not imagine being somewhere else, this facility is so nice, loving, and caring. Therapy is fantastic.


The staff here is very gifted. The therapy here is the best treatment I've ever had, and I've had treatment since 2000. They are friendly and I enjoyed the treatments, they do so many different things and some group things. I'd recommend this place to anybody.

B. Rauch

They have very good food. I could do whatever I wanted to do. They treated me well. Therapy was great. I enjoyed the activities and parties. Each day I was able to accomplish more goals. I would recommend this facility.

B. Easter

I have had a real good stay here. The staff is good to me, the therapy was fun, the food is great and my bed was comfortable.

T. McPherson

I love the facility very much. I love the staff they are amazing. I love the therapy staff I walked around the building and met my goals. The food was great and I loved the amount of space in the private rooms. If I had to come back, I would come back here.

H. West

I love this place; Rockland is better than anywhere. Therapy was great, they really work you. I loved the activities.

D. Strahler

The staff is very nice, I enjoyed my stay. The food was good. Therapy was great. I played BINGO and enjoyed the music entertainment.

V. Wilson

The care was outstanding. The Medical staff is available if something comes up. Therapy is wonderful, they pushed me past my fear.

K. Murray

Nice, all the people are friendly, the kind of people you want to be around. Therapy was great. The food was great and the Chef was amazing. I would recommend everyone to come here. This is where I wanted to go and I wasn't going anywhere else!

J. Nelson

Everybody here was nice to me. Staff was great. The food was great. Therapy was good. If I ever had to come back I would want to come back here.

L. Crites

Therapy was wonderful and the food was very good. Mary was an outstanding tech. Thanks again for the great care.

C. Heiss

I had a good experience and everyone was nice to me and answered my call light quickly. The food and activities were good too.

J. Sizemore

I want to thank all of those who helped me the past 4 weeks in therapy. All of you were of great help and the therapy gym is very nice and clean inside. They make you feel welcome to come here. If I need help again, I will probably come back here.

G. Criss

I have liked being here. The people are very nice and the food is great too.

E. Nelson

This is my second time at Rockland Ridge. Everyone has been very nice and helpful. I have made lots of friends with the aides and in therapy. Rockland Ridge is a pretty swanky place, 5 stars!

B. Stone

The first time I came to Rockland Ridge was to visit a friend, JB. I liked how very clean and friendly the place was, and so when given a selection of rehabilitation centers to consider for my post-surgery rehab, I chose Rockland Ridge. Once at Rockland, I was surprised to find that Nurse Lesley Greene remembered my friend, JB. Now that I have been through post-surgery rehab at Rockland, I can understand how it could be that Rockland staff make connections with the patients they've cared for. Once here, you feel that everyone in the facility wants to help you and you're more than a number. From the thorough attention given by seasoned personal care worker, Cheryl Hazlett, to the professional physical and occupational therapy given by Edna Hensley and Brenda Junn, my rehabilitation experience at Rockland Ridge has been extremely helpful. I learned a lot from Nurse Linda Daugherty! Then when it came time for me to transition to my home from Rockland Ridge, the help I received from Amy Bortell in choosing types of home healthcare was much appreciated! She was always available to answer questions. I feel that all of the people working here have had my best intentions at heart. I am certainly glad to recommend Rockland Ridge to others considering rehabilitation centers.

Julia L.

This facility is so clean. Staff was so friendly. I really liked this facility and will recommend this to any friends who need skilled care. Care and service were outstanding. My family was really pleased with the care and the food was delicious. Thank you for your service.

R. Hoffman

My stay at Rockland was enjoyable. The staff was always smiling and upbeat. They worked with me to meet my needs. You couldn't have met a nicer group of ladies. You all went over and above. Thank you for all you did for me and my family. The room was clean and comfortable.

Rose T.

I liked it here! I liked the nurses, the aides, the therapy people, and all the dining room friends! I like Bingo, especially Sam in activities. I've been to other places, but I like it better here. If I had to come back, I would come here!

Helen B.

I would recommend Rockland Ridge to anyone I know! The facility is quite nice, the decor is beautiful, and it is kept very clean. Staffing is beyond good! Everyone who has given me care is very qualified and very nice. Everyone seems to work very well together. Therapy is very good as well. Because of them, I am walking and will be independent again!

Betsy A.